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Social networking sites (referred to more broadly as social media) enable users to swap ideas, to post updates and comments, or to participate in activities and events, while sharing their wider interests.From general chit-chat to propagating breaking news, from scheduling a date to following election results or coordinating disaster response, from gentle humour to serious research, social networks are now used for a host of different reasons by various user communities.

The content of sites can be tailored to readers’ preferences, as defined by the preferences of their social networks.Current estimates of the number of social media users vary significantly, partly due to difficulties defining and categorizing sites and applications as “social networks”, but also due to margins of error in estimating the number of “unique” users (since users of one social network are more likely to use several other social networking services as well).Many social network users access these services over their mobile phones.Given that online content and traffic volumes are increasingly interlinked with the pipes over which they are carried, it is vital to understand the demands that the evolution of social networks will make on underlying information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.First and foremost, social media are resulting in a huge explosion in demand for capacity in both fixed and wireless infrastructure.

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Over the past seven years, Internet data traffic has grown by a factor of 56, driven partly by people uploading more data.

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