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I'm not sure I see a lot of chemistry with Lukas and the guys like we did last year with JD and OB: INXS, but the song was the best of the three we have heard so far.Before the encore is chosen, Gilby Clarke announces that the remaining rockers are going to go with him to Gibson for a songwriting clinic, and each of them will write a song with him.I sincerely hope he has a better fate than those suckers.

Or revenge -- since bachelorette Trista Rehn finished a tantalizing second in ''The Bachelor.'' But no matter what happens, she always has her day job to fall back on. BENJI SCHWIMMER, 22: Yes, I feel validated — the question was answered! You don't realize how strong you are and what you are capable of until it's questioned. I didn't need to win, but I wanted to go from the beginning to the end and see the whole process — I wanted to get in to prove that first impressions don't always mean something.Despite a string of memorable performances and the biggest growth process of all of the contestants, the Dark Horse's star fell, and Ryan Star was eliminated from Rock Star: Supernova.A fetching Brooke Burke announces that last night's vote produced the most amount of votes in the two years of the show. The massive amount of voting last night drop-kicked the server for a bit.Toby thinks it will be a shock if Lukas makes the bottom 3, but Lukas thinks he could be but that he'll take it like a man.Dave Navarro congratulates the rockers for the best performance show they've ever had.

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As far as the performances go, Brooke lauds the strong performances from each performer but notes that Toby stole some thunder from Storm.

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