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The effects don't exactly look realistic, but it's fun all the same.

If you get bored with the default effects included in Many Cam, there are plenty of others available on the developer site for free. Use Many Cam to talk to your friends and family on Skype, Google Hangouts & Yahoo Messenger at the same time.

Many Cam is a free Webcam software and a screen recorder for anyone to use.

Several feature enhancements are included within Many Cam to produce a professional quality live video production.

The camera is equipped with a Pentax lens and progressive scan CCD (non-interlaced) image sensor with a 3mm - 8mm auto iris lens.

The standard lens can be replaced with any CS mount or C mount (with C/CS ring) lens.

Officers order Ms Reynolds out of the car and she gets out, hands held high. A fellow officer speaks repeatedly to Officer Yanez to get him away from the car: "I'm going to take your spot. Listen, listen, I'm going to take your spot."Officer Yanez slowly walks away and another officer says: "You all right? Off-camera, Officer Yanez is heard talking through his body microphone telling a supervisor that he did not know where Mr Castile's gun was, then saying that he told Mr Castile to get his hand off the weapon.

The effects are not always well placed or positioned however and a watermark saying "" appears permanently at the bottom of the screen.Officer Yanez's acquittal prompted days of protests, including one in St Paul last Friday that attracted thousands and shut down Interstate 94 for hours. Although Winter is when most people view the cams, you will also see other interesting activity on the webcams during the rest of the year. You can start, stop, fast forward, rewind, and pause the video, just like with your VCR.The shooting on July 6 last year gained widespread attention because Mr Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook.Unlike Ms Reynolds' video, the police car video shows the situation's quick escalation and the shooting itself.

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