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Now I kind of know what it’s like to have dated outside of my race, there’s a first for everything. One man was a poet, who had been on five speed dates already.

Outside of race, the men had different personalities and lifestyles. Others came from other cities outside Chicago but were trying to find fun, social things to do in the city; it was a relief to not be the only rookie there. This one guy comes up to me, and as I turn in my seat to look at him, he has this “oh crap, she’s black” look on his face and that was enough for me right there.

It’s no longer on my “What If” list of things I might look back on when I’m too old for this stuff.

I believe that you can’t be closed off to everything.

How do you normally feel when going on a first date? I had the butterflies of panic in my stomach, as I usually have when I try something new that’s out of my comfort zone. With speed dating, I expected to have fun and meet some random people.

I didn’t have any high expectations of meeting someone I would instantly connect with.

Before I turned 30, I wanted to give speed dating a try.

The young man is a future physician (a surgeon rather), who shared similar interests with me on travel and trying different foods. A little exhausting but fun, depending on how you look at it. So it was interesting to “date” for six-minutes each man of the following descents: Lithuanian, Persian, Scandinavian, Mexican, Albanian, and undisclosed! I wonder if the experience would have been received differently if there were other backgrounds and cultures.I walked away from that evening with a sense of relief, empowerment, and a memorable story to share. Welcome to the premier site for Christian singles in New York.I expected to meet people from different areas of the city and who represented all walks of life.I’d suggest that anyone considering speed dating should go with the mindset to have fun and celebrate being yourself; no one can be you like you can.

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Needless to say, he left his evaluation sheet (which we all had) at the bar, so it tells me he wasn’t feeling anyone since his sheet was blank. They are not into finding long-term romance in the clubs; they find it better to talk to women in bars or situations like speed dating.

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