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The more she helps and goes about her tasks, the closer she gets to the distant Fujimoto, if only by increments.She helps out Sayaka who runs the place and does her best to see that everyone is happy.Towards the final episodes of this collection, Kobato learns a bit about Fujimoto's childhood and that Sayaka's place is in debt. There is some mystery around what Kobato truly is (a ghost, an angel?Everyone is doing their best to help out, but while all this is going on, Kobato only has a year to fill her flask or else her wish will not come true. ) and what her wish is about (she only mentions that it is somewhere she wants to go but she never says where or why) so we learn little about her. It will be released on December 26, a year after the release of volume 3.

If you're thinking about getting Kobato, chances are you're already a fan of the series and/or CLAMP and know what to expect from the story.

Sorry I’m a bit late on posting this, I was out of town ^^; Kadokawa has launched a campaign to celebrate the upcoming releases of Kobato. The campaign consists of earning points and exchanging them for a 15 cm Ioryogi plush strap. This will be the book version of the special magazines CLAMP Newtype that were first published in 2006.

The points will be available on the comics of Kobato. The magazines carried information on all of CLAMP’s works, from RG Veda to Kobato., among from other contents. 20th Anniversary Angelic Layer Anniversary Audio Drama BLOOD-C BLOOD-C Movie BLOOD-C TV Anime Brazilian News Card Captor Sakura Card Captor Sakura Manga Card Captor Sakura OAD Card Captor Sakura TV Anime Charity Chobits CLAMP-NET. NET [email protected] LE CLAMP BRIDAL CLAMP FESTIVAL CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan CLAMP in 3-D LAND CLAMP in America CLAMP in CARDLAND CLAMP in Paris CLAMP Internet Radio CLAMP Interview CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 CLAMP members CLAMP Mokona Okimono Kimono CLAMP No Kiseki CLAMP no Kyoto Agaru Sagaru CLAMP No Lumiere CLAMP Online Shop CLAMP social networks CLAMP Studio CLAMP Su CLAMP Talk Show CLAMP Tarot Collection CLAMP twitcast CLOVER Code Geass Collaboration Combination Death Note Drug & Drop Drug & Drop Manga Erratum Event Fanbook Project Featuring CLAMP Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon GATE 7 GATE 7 Manga Goods Gouhou Drug Harry Potter Hi GH&LOW g-sword Hi GH&LOW g-sword Flash Anime Hi GH&LOW g-sword manga Holitsuba JK Rowling Kabukibu!

Clamp is known for its adorable and memorable characters along with a meaningful path for their characters to follow and hopefully reach the goals they set out on in the beginning. In my opinion this anime is much better than Chobits, or Card Captor Sakura even..we all know that card captor had an amazing storyline.

Instead of missing cards like in card captor, or memories like in Tsabusa Chronicles..main characters goal is to heal broken hearts or help someone in need in order to collect their "candies" in a small bottle...which the "candies" are almost like a token of proof to show that she was able to help them.

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