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Steamed pork buns and dumplings with sweet chilli soy sauce to brewed beer and charred beef meat on a cane, the options were endless, and not to mention absolutely delicious.An assault on the senses and one-side battle with the buds, encouraging salivation.Shido's eyes never left her moving form, still fixated on her after she placed herself.The two stayed in silence, not daring to even mutter words to each other. Not every average male was lucky enough to own a harem full of beautiful, vibrant spirit women, but at times like this is was troubling and extremely tedious. Sounds good considering their are like two pairing Kurumi stories in the world. Books and various household items followed his retreat from the chaos-infested household, and many vulgar insults.

His posture reflected his poor attitude as of late, and juggling work, school and baby sitting was just increasing his trouble.

Those piercing Crimson orbs were endless to stare into, cast upon him as if he were prey, which in her eyes, he definitely was.

Shiny white teeth bit down on her pursued lip and a tiny blush dusted her pale cheeks. Although it felt somehow sincere and maybe even friendly."Kurumi.""Shido-San""Good evening.""Good evening to you as well."Kurumi timidly paced over to him and sat down besides his puzzled body.

That aside he didn't regret or love any of the spirits any less that he already did.

He felt responsible for them, like all their faults were his to be blamed for. To be properly honest, it was almost horrific yet somehow he endured it, which in his mind was a colossal feat that no average man could complete.

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