Dating advice for loners

Then we lived two hours apart for another two years while we both lived with our parents.

Woman A: Yes, I lived with both of my previous ex-boyfriends. This was my first "real" relationship that lasted longer than a couple months. We already slept over at each other's houses every night so we figured we may as well live together.

Should you split your rent even-steven if one person has a lot more money or if someone has more debt? We met freshman year of college, started "pursuing" each other in fall of 2014, and then got together at a friend's wedding. We've dated for seven years, since she was a junior in college and I was a senior.

Most importantly: Is it OK to get petty if your partner eats all your peanut butter? Woman A: We have officially lived together for about 8 1/2 years.

I had moved to the New York City area for graduate school and decided it was the opportune time for us to follow through on moving in together.

As far as groceries and other household necessities go, we usually take turns purchasing those things.Man A: We pretty much split everything down the middle — cable/internet, electricity, groceries, eating out, entertainment, etc.As much as I think she should have to buy toilet paper, we split all of the necessities.Woman B: We officially signed a lease 11 months into the relationship.Man A: We got an apartment together after almost four full years of a long-distance relationship.

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We split car and gas expenses two-thirds to one-third (I pay more) because I commute to work more and we only have one car.

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