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Like many other types of social category, in Judaism the mamzer status is hereditary - a child of a mamzer (whether mother or father) is also a mamzer.

However, since these rules are regarded as applying only to Jews, and since traditional Rabbinical law regards being a Jew as something which is only maternally inheritable, the child of a male mamzer and a non-Jewish woman cannot be a mamzer.

Modern assisted reproductive technology has complicated the issue.

Moshe Feinstein ruled that if a married woman is inseminated by sperm from another man the child is not a mamzer, since it did not result from an act of adultery; Joel Teitelbaum (2005) disagreed, and ruled that since the child is known to be that of a man other than her husband it is a mamzer.

Mamzer status is not synonymous with illegitimacy, since it does not include children whose mothers were unmarried.

The other occasion is in Zechariah 9:6: "And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod", a sea port.

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A child born within 12 months of a woman's most recent meeting with her husband is presumed to be legitimate, since Jewish law believes that in rare cases a pregnancy can last that long ().

However, if more than 9 months have elapsed and she is known to have been unfaithful then the presumption does not apply (Even ha Ezer Rama ).

‬) is a person born from certain forbidden relationships, or the descendant of such a person, in the Hebrew Bible and Jewish religious law.

A mamzer in modern Jewish culture is someone who is either born out of adultery by a married Jewish woman and a Jewish man who is not her husband, or born out of incest (as defined by the Bible), or someone who has a mamzer as a parent.

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