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You can sync your Vivoactive with the Garmin Connect mobile app for Android or i OS, and you can also sync with a Windows or Mac computer.The mobile sync is wireless, but the computer sync requires that you download the Garmin Express desktop app and use the charging cable plugged into a USB slot, a minor inconvenience.It also vibrated every so often to remind me to move.

Because the bands are swappable, you can play with different colors in both leather (black or white; .99) and silicone (black, white, slate, red, blue, berry, or purple; .99).

But at least you can pair it with a compatible chest strap HRM if you really want heart rate.

In every other respect, the Vivoactive matches those two devices, and in a few places exceeds them.

For example, Garmin has its own app store, Connect IQ, where you can install other apps and widgets to put even more functionality onto your wrist.

If you're a runner, cyclist, or golfer looking for a smartwatch that works for your activity, as well as counts your steps and has a ton of features, you may very well prefer this smartwatch-sportwatch hybrid to other brands of activity trackers.

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This tradition was further enhanced in April 2007 Information Display has been published for more than 50 years.

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