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Roethlisberger -- whose QB rating of 101.3 is fourth in the AFC -- says a powerful core is especially helpful when he's being chased.

"Your technique kind of goes out the window when you're on the run," he says.

"His legs are long, so he's at a mechanical disadvantage," says Pastoor. "It gives me a stronger twist when avoiding tackles.

Chat with thousands of singles online from Paro — completely for free. "It's important to get your core strong because you do so much twisting and rotating when you're throwing," says Roethlisberger, who has worked to strengthen his midsection since his high school days in Findlay, Ohio.Steelers assistant strength and conditioning coach Marcel Pastoor now trains Roethlisberger up to three times a week, concentrating on the QB's abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and lower back.Pastoor says it mimics the finish of a pass because the arms are going forward, the hips back.Peyton Manning First his longtime pal Kenny Chesney was named country music's MVP (technically Entertainer of the Year); then the Colts' QB took steps toward winning the NFL's version of the award for a second straight year.

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