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By the fourth century, anxiety toward obviously pervasive same-sex unions reached a peak when the state passed a law promising punishment to anyone entering a same-sex marriage (Eskridge).Western Religious Attitudes of Same-Sex Sexuality Biblical attitudes toward homosexuality are often reduced to strict condemnation based upon passages interpreted from the Old Testament Book of Genesis, though some scholars suggest that the description of same-sex relationships as “unnatural” only means “out of the ordinary” and not “immoral” (Pickett).Some point to examples of same-sex interaction in Greek artwork as further evidence of its equal status within the society.Individual, higher status, however, was of critical importance to free expression of love.

Over time, Rome experienced a similar trajectory as Greece between the early republic and the later empire, and negative attitude toward same-sex unions and non-procreative sexuality increased with the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire (Pickett).

And the epics of Homer, the , contain poetic passages that suggested homoerotic love to the educated hearer.

But the culture underwent a transition during which homosexual expressions of love went from overt to covert (Dynes).

Same-Sex Unions throughout Time and Place Eastern religions varied in their attitude toward homosexuality, though they were frequently much more neutral than their Western counterparts.

Less specific to same-sex marriage, many of the texts make a statement as to their position on homosexual behavior.

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