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Posing seductively at the age of 19 in a revealing top and knee-high leather stiletto boots, her debut single Kiss Kiss shot to No 1 in 2002, with a sassy follow-up single in Down Boy.

Today she’s an actress, and can next be seen on Monday in ITV1’s latest Agatha Christie Marple drama The Pale Horse.

I was just playing a character.’ She was born in Melbourne to an English model mother, Rachel, and Yugoslav jazz guitarist and model father, Rajko. ‘My childhood was wonderful and my parents have always been there for me at all times,’ she says, ‘But I became fiercely independent.’ In 2003 an Australian court ordered her to pay £150,000 to her former manager Scott Michaelson, who had sued her for breach of contract.

It meant she had to put on hold plans to buy her mother a house ‘which was really frustrating’.

‘The wig was so tight that it gave me a migraine and it’s certainly not sexy, but now I’m doing exactly what I want to do,’ she explains.

‘I was fed up of being on the road, so I went to Los Angeles to start again,’ she explains. ‘Being in Hollywood was liberating because I was able to be anonymous and fall out of nightclubs with friends without it being splashed over the papers. ‘But before that I was hungry for a change, plus I get the whole fame thing now.

She is also starring in a string of films this year: Surviving Georgia, Big Mamma’s Boy and Red Herring.

‘I need to be selective in the roles I take because I like to fill my day with a million things,’ she says.

A 12-year-old Holly initially wanted to work part-time at Mc Donald’s to help pay for school books and shoes, but needed to be 14.

So she turned to modelling instead - earning around £20,000 in the first year.

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‘I’m always jumping on a plane and visiting another city.’ Is that for work or pleasure?

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