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Yep, she wrote the song and we all came up with our parts and jammed out the structure together. I know we are all anxiously awaiting "Lydia 2." You got started playing house parties around your college campus.How was the transition from those small gatherings to actual club shows? The first show we played in Seattle was at the Josephine, and from there we started playing small bars and venues.We wrote one song, performed it in heavy eyeliner and chokers, and won the battle of the bands. Julia and Lydia have played guitar since middle school, Annie played violin growing up, and I started playing drums in Chastity Belt.With the close proximity to Seattle, how were you all able to infiltrate that saturated music scene?

Angelenos who have seen Paul Conrad’s chain-link nuclear cloud sculpture in front of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium don’t usually realize it was secretly funded by Joan Kroc.Hence the full title of Lisa Napoli’s publication:truly deserves the Hollywood treatment. Paul, Minnesota, became the wife of a Mc Donald’s franchise owner in Rapid City, South Dakota, then left her spouse to marry the persistent Ray, 26 years her senior.But once they hadset up luxurious housekeeping in Southern California, Joan was not content to remain a trophy wife.While they were here for their headlining tour through the Midwest, Cher Vincent got to chat with them, and discussed their humble beginnings, feminism, and their future pursuits. When did you decide that you could form a band together? Julia and Lydia thought up "Chastity Belt" as a great name for a punk band and they started chanting it at parties and flipping over tables. Sometimes after a band played at a party we would take over their instruments and start playing "Photograph" by Nickelback.One of the frats had a battle of the bands at the end of the year, which we took as our opportunity to extend the joke one step further.

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