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She also tasks Sunset Shimmer with solving the mystery of her friends' random magical transformations.Later, in the CHS library, Sunset hits a block in her research and tries reaching out to Princess Twilight in Equestria again, telling her about her assignment to keep magic out of the games.On Twitter in late February 2015, Jayson Thiessen was asked, "Is the Friendship Games movie actually going to be about the Friendship Games?", and joked in reply, "it's actually an extensive lecture on quantum physics and M theory...Just then, Crystal Prep dean Cadance enters and informs Twilight that Principal Cinch demands her presence.

Rainbow prepares to give a performance for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the others join her inside the school.Having safely gotten away, the girl pulls off her hood, revealing her identity as Princess Twilight's human counterpart.Upon returning to her own school, Twilight enters a private research room and assembles a device resembling an amulet.Sunset stays behind to write to Princess Twilight in Equestria.As Sunset writes, a bus stops in front of the school, and a teenage girl in a hoodie steps off.

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She uses a scientific device and approaches the statue, appearing to be strangely interested in the portal to Equestria. The girl suddenly runs off, and Sunset gives chase.

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