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Yes please post the testimony my wife sent to you as it is true and accurate. I was taken to a lovely apartment in the center of the city for my stay.I found my Larisa to be even more beautiful in person than in her pictures. Very much the modern European woman yet with old world values and traditions. I returned some weeks later to celebrate her birthday. Everyone treated me with the most wonderful hospitality and good cheer. Women of Russia take great care to beautifully present themselves at all times.After several months we met again in Moscow and went together to the Embassy for her interview. Elena and I met on the natashaclub site in early 2016.Within a few days Larisa received her visa and we traveled back to Florida together. I want to thank everyone and especially workers of Sun Valley Dating Agency in Simferopol who were very helpful in everything. After exchanging some letters, I asked her for a personal meeting, which she agreed upon. Leading up to that first meeting we continued and intensified our correspondence.It was so great to see Gilles in the real life after talking through letters.

Our third meeting happened in Saint Petersburg where I proposed to her and she said yes! We made all of the required documents for a K-1 Fiance Visa.

I trust this will satisfy any legal concerns regarding the use of this letter of commendation if it is so desired. My name is Natalie and I would like to thank for making me a happy person!

Thank you again Diana, Sincerely yours, Thomas Costanza Hello. A few days I wrote a hundred beautiful girls from Ukraine! But, as for a person from Russia, opening for such a price letters from girls seems a little expensive .. I have met a great man on the site, a man without whom now I can't imagine my life now!

Now, we have decided that we will live together as we can't be without each other any more!

I wish to tell to everyone who has doubts about finding love in the Internet, love has no borders, has no nationality or the most wonderful feeling in the whole world!! It's possible to meet your love even if you live on the other part of the planet!

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Many times all that is communicated is when a customer is unsatisfied or has some gripe to express and it would mean so much to me to know that the executives know how excellent, even beyond excellent, those lower in the hierarchy of the organization are performing and how much it is appreciated and the gratefulness of your customers.

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