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Only if ALL sub tasks have been set to "5" the summary task will also show "5" and "Pass" in the text field with the formula. Be sure to set the "task mode" to automatic to see this working Regards Thomas I like the simplicity of your design in answer to part 1.

The other parts I can understand that generally, these situations are not good practice, so I was kind of fishing for a process/solution I might have overlooked.

As work on your project progresses, you can update the plan with the actual start and finish dates, actual work, actual and remaining duration, and the current percent complete and percent work complete.

If you know the amount of work that has been performed on a task, you can enter the actual work for the task.

TTFNFAQ731-376: Forum Policies I understand % complete is based on duration and the summary should roll up accordingly.

I have zeroed out the project percentage and re-entered based on subtask completion.

Is there a formulaic way to do this or do I need a macro that I run to check subtasks and set this value semi-automatically? As I add or modify a summary task, I would like to accomplish a "fill down" of the values in the subtasks for a custom field when I populate or change the summary task custom field. Kind of like when the actual finish date for all subtasks is entered, then the actual finish for the summary fills in. 1) you can define a custom NUMBER field and set the calculation for summary rows to "Minimum".The subtasks contain a mixture of tasks with durations as well as milestones which I've set to 100%.All the subtasks have durations that end before or up to 5/20 and my project has a completion date of 9/26.Reality is, we're trying to do something with MSP that is better suited for another tool or a slightly different design.We had to make it up on the fly, and the kludges just kept coming.

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