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First time I have ever seen in my life as an online university.This university changed my life in so many ways, because they gave me the gift of education. I believe that BIU is very beneficial for those who would like to do any online course." Akbaruddin Ahmad (Bangladesh): Doctor Ph. in Finance & Banking - Completed: 2012TESTIMONY: "I attended a special graduation in Madrid with the Bangladesh Ministry of Youth.Eu pensava que trabalhava numa zona da cidade de Lisboa onde as pessoas são, vá, cultas o suficiente para perceber quando uma farmácia se encontra em obras. É que foi tanta gente, ao longo do dia, que até perdi a conta.É que entravam por ali adentro, como se nada do que por ali acontecia (nomeadamente, homens das obras a andar de um lado para o outro e ninguém, repito, NINGUÉM andar de bata) fosse anormal para uma farmácia em funcionamento. " que faziam quando lhes dizíamos que só abrimos amanhã e que estávamos, obviamente, em obras? Halloween Otome: "Você está cordialmente convidado para Annual Valdemar Halloween Extravaganza." Você é chamada para uma festa de Halloween, e passará duas semanas em um jogo divertido, com parceiros únicos e inusitados.I wish all of you further success in spreading education globally and helping the human communities in development activities." Abed Al Hafiz Al Atassi (Syria): Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Completed: 2012Master's Degree in Business Administration - Completed: 2012TESTIMONY: "It was great meeting other graduates at the UAE Dubai Graduation in 2015." Adão Henrique Saldanha Ribeiro Pizarro (Portugal): Specialist Diploma in Natural Heath - Completed: 2011TESTIMONY: "Tive a felicidade de conhecer a Bircham University.

William Martin, the CEO and Vice-president for providing such a great opportunity to the working professionals to pursue their higher education with a flexible schedule and no interference with professional life." Abdul Qayeum Karim (Afghanistan): Doctor Ph. in Environmental Engineering - Hydrology - Completed: 2014Cum Laude in Hydrology - Completed: 2014TESTIMONY: "I would like to thank all BIU colleagues and friends who were involved in the organization of the graduation ceremony such as the professors and staff.There are many success stories among Bircham International University graduates, but we do not know all of them. in Educational Administration - Completed: 2015TESTIMONY: "Opportunity knocks the door once not twice.With all the respect for the privacy of your life, we would like to read your testimony here. It may motivate current students to continue working in their programs of study, it may encourage BIU graduates to aim high in their personal lifes and professional affairs, it may help the decision of those candidates who are now considering Bircham International University a suitable option for their future education. Learning from BIU is unique, and its learning sessions are different from on campus learning universities.I feed my children, stay with them at home and learn from Bircham University at the same time. in Applied Statistics & Probability - Completed: 2007Cum Laude in Applied Statistics & Probability - Completed: 2007TESTIMONY: "2008: I thank Bircham University because it gave me the chance to continue my education on a distance learning program. D's, the first in Applied Mathematics, the second in Computer Science with Magna Cum Laude, and the third in Applied Statistics with Magna Cum Laude also. To help you in doing so, I am from Lebanon and I took three Ph. I also attended the BIU’s ceremony in Lebanon where you have distributed the diplomas to all the graduates including myself.It is a great golden, learning staying with your family/space. If I have the time I would complete also my knowledge in other fields of knowledge, and all this thanks to Bircham University, and with the support and valuable guidance of Dr. I will always be proud to be a BIU graduate with your person as the CEO of the university.

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After that, as you stated I am satisfied that I made great development and career building, and benefited from the courses I have been given through your distance learning programs with your continuous whisper in my ear day and night.

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