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Assuming some familiarity with someone is a perfect, nonthreatening way to approach a woman, and if you root your question in your own reality, you’ll be able to follow up, too.So if you DO go to a spinning class, for example, it will tell her something about you and give her a hook to keep the conversation going herself.

However, not everyone’s got the chops to think quickly when opportunity strikes, so it’s a good idea to have a few basics up your sleeve.

Seize the moment, and by asking about something she’s doing right now, it’ll sound less contrived. The man in this instance was a thoroughly decent human being, but had been mistaken for the wrong person on a trip to Tijuana.

Someone we know actually used this line and ended up marrying the girl he was directing it at. The point is, he relayed an outrageous story as an opening line – one that had genuinely happened to him.

So if you don’t, here’s an idea – pretend that you do!

It couldn’t be easier: just pick a name, make your approach and simply ask her, “Are you…?

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As we go about our lives, strange things do happen.

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