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Of course, it goes without saying that babies should not be playing with our wittle wee-wees or cwitties.

But we also know that sometimes baby just gets all excited when she sees how pretty Mommy is or how nice she smells and we touch down there.

A good thick bulky few layers of diapers pinned on nice and snug and perhaps under a locking pair of plastic panties would make it so difficult to do any naughty touching.

I not only want you to train me, spank me and punish me, but I want you to be my Master and severely spank and beat me when I disobey you.

Especially American girls who are taken to India as a young wife are spanked repeatedly until they learn their place.

I know it will hurt extensively but I trust you to use any implement you decide to use on me.

You are to make me strip naked and bend over to be spanked and then just continue to spank me as long as you want, pausing to rest before returning to work on my bottom some more with whatever implement you want to use.

And if I do not hold my position, you are to beat me severely and bind me in place so I cannot move my bottom.

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I have always wanted someone to dominate me completely so that I will feel safe and loved as my parents do.

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