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I have personally been ridiculed a lot because of it.People were really mean and said I was just trying to get more fame or money out of it. Phil doesn’t pay people for interviews, by the way and I still don’t get what kind of fame that I would be seeking.”“I was already on a hit prime time cable show?!She isn’t worried that it will make a difference, but is still being careful.“I wanted people who are in that situation to know that you can tell someone.You can get the support you need, you can get help.

She stands firm on the facts she has reported and hasn’t done interviews, until now because others use that to try and taint the case.

Luckily, many people do and have come out with their own stories of abuse because of it.

”“I will be honest, it was terrifying to get behind a camera and come out with my story on Dr. My publicist arranged it because it was getting ridiculous with press people staking out the house, speculating on what was going on and generally having no regard for the pain and suffering we were all going through, so she wanted to put a stop to it once and for all in a way that they couldn’t misreport.

Joe never technically fired us, but ever since he took over we haven't had a voice or able to make any positive impact.

In Joe’s defense, it would be difficult to operate successfully with the influence of my father in the shop for anyone in his position.”“Bottom line is I was expected to do it and I was pressured.

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However, stigma or no stigma…seems nothing is going to stop Stephanie from moving forward!

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  1. She said: 'It's like a kick in the teeth, it's devastating. It's just in your face all the time and that's what he's got to learn to deal with.'When asked by the magazine if she had a message for Sandford, she said: 'Leave my son alone.