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We asked guests to wear “safari chic” attire (cocktail attire in neutral tones) to blend in with the colors of the bush. The two got to know each other better, and then went their separate ways at the end of the season; Ryan took off to tour, and Kyly started her senior year of high school. The next day, Ryan called her, and the two spent every day for the rest of her break together.“To my delight, he got my number from a friend and reached out,” says Kyly. “This began a series of long-distance, thoughtful romantic gestures that permeate our decade-long relationship.”Ryan is first-generation American, and his family is from South Africa.Just glue it to the front of a manila envelope and stick all of your Kenya Date Night Printables inside.That way it’s all in one place and ready for you whenever you are.“She showed us the photos, which were the immediate catalyst for our wedding in the bush.We decided that night; we wanted to get married at Londolozi.“We were never in any rush and already felt married in so many ways.”On the game drive on the couple’s last night, they rounded a corner and pulled up to a surprise dinner. After waiting until the very last second of a long dinner, Ryan proposed.He began with ‘This has been the most life-changing trip, and I can’t leave here without being able to call you my fiancée.’ I blacked out after that!

Make sure to check the appropriate attire so that your date can be prepared for a wild adventure!Kyly and Ryan explained to them that they wanted to share this extraordinary experience with their family and friends, and that they didn’t want to transform Londolozi in any way.The wedding aesthetic would be the Londolozi experience itself—lush, tranquil, and exotic.“Although I was sure something would happen—it didn’t! “Despite the many airline miles we racked up visiting each other over the years, I hadn’t yet made it to South Africa when Christmas 2014 rolled around,” says Kyly.”Two months later, Kyly was back in Los Angeles for winter break when she ran into Ryan at a friend’s house party. “I’m normally the planner, but Ryan very much took the reins on this one.

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