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Dozens of skeletons have emerged from the caves dotting Lagoa Santa in eastern Brazil, but one in particular has recently caused a stir — 25 years after it was dug up from a 40-foot-deep pit.New dating of the bones have determined that Luzia (her name pays homage to the famous African fossil “Lucy,” who lived 3.2 million years ago) is the most ancient known American, with remains 11,500 years old. Although flint tools were found nearby, hers are the only human remains in Vermelha Cave. and Georgia Wheeler Significance: One of the most securely dated ancient Americans.He had to hike a half mile to reach the coast from the cave, but tools found in and around the cave suggest that he and his cohorts were accustomed to long-distance travel.Artifacts fashioned from a variety of exotic raw materials – obsidian, quartz, cherts and opal-like silica – that would have been unavailable on the island could mean that extensive trading had begun along the Pacific coast.

Some have noted Eurasian features like a narrow face and braincase and a prominent nose that would have made the 5’9″ man stand out in a crowd of typical Native Americans.

A radiocarbon dating lab determined that the skeleton was roughly 9,000 years old.

That’s when Kennewick Man started making headlines, which have continued since a legal fight broke out over his future.

No one can say how he died, but gnaw marks on his bones came from a carnivore that scavenged the remains.

Chemical signatures in bits of his jaw and pelvis reveal that Prince of Wales Island Man ate a diet heavy in seafood, rather than relying on the meat of abundant deer or bear.

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