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Franz Ferdinand - Do Ya Want To (Max Tundra remix) 12. Opening with these two "important" works seems to set a tone of, ahem, , for the rest of the episode, with the combo of Talk Talk and U2 appropriately somber, and Super Bon Bon with Heart Shaped Box aggressive and outraged.

Missy Elliott - Lose Control All Night (CRFTP mashup) 10. Trans-X - Lovemakers on Video (Matt Hite mash-up) 11. His rollicking take on Idiot veers between glitch-hop, electro-metal and acid house, swirling with samples and references, and I just think it's really stupendous. The Snoopers – Drop It Like A Cannonball (Party Ben mashup) 8.

DJ John – The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown (Party Ben re-edit) 2.

Coming soon I'll have Sixx Mixx Qualitative Analysis wherein I'll find out the songs, artists, and mashups played the most over the show's run. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/10Sixx Mixx 110 - 12/23/2005 - Christmas Edition 1.

The Beastles – I Feel Fine Right Now (DJ BC mashup) 6. Nelly – Sweet Home Country Grammar (Mei-Lwun mashup) 7. And yes technically that would make this 11/20 not 11/19 but come on we're already throwing accuracy out the window. I don't have answers, prayers, words of encouragement, or political messages here. Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight (Boom Bip remix) 16. Queen - Novocaine Rhapsody (Dean Gray mashup) Commentary: Back to operating on all cylinders for the first time since January, really, this episode is solid front to back, as well as "cohesive" as they say on Project Runway. Peaches - Juicebox Rock (Go Home Productions mashup) 15. This is actually a more ambitious and dense episode than the 2004 Christmas show, and a little less melancholy (no Low here). Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 6/10 Sixx Mixx 108 - 12/16/2005 - Tarted-Up Rerun Edition 1. a variety of stuff – Christmas in Boston (Too Many JDs mashup) Commentary: I should really credit the Christmas episodes to DJ Riko, whose "Mixmas" shows provided much of the raw material.

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