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As the girls turned a corner, they saw two of the guests and two girls servicing them. To her surprise, Aika was sucking off one of the men, while Ai had the cock of the second man up her ass.

Chie was a bit surprised at what the girls were doing, as she recognized them as two girls from their school.“Hey Aika! Ai ignored her while Aika nodded at her, as she couldn’t speak with a cock in her mouth.

"Please, undress quickly and I'll be back soon to explain what's in store for each of you."Yukiko quickly ran away, and Rise went through the door.

Chie had already taken her jumper and her skirt off, and was now struggling with her shirt.

However, Naoto was still turned back towards the wall."Come on Naoto, don't be shy now.

" Naoto thought to herself as she was standing in an empty room with clothes scattered all over the floor.

Yukiko and Chie were walking through a hallway.“Things must’ve been really hectic for you if you had to ask for our help.” Chie said to Yukiko as they were walking.“You have no idea.

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If it was only the number of guests, we would have managed quite easily.

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