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Teresa fills Arturo with hope while dating Mariano.She eventually breaks up with Mariano and tells him that she is going to marry Arturo.Mariano then tells Luisa about Teresa's attempt to conquer Fernando's heart, and he openly admits that he's in love with Teresa.Heartbroken due to their betrayal, Luisa slowly overcomes her pain and accepts Fernando's decision without any resentment."Entre ser y no ser, yo soy ("Between being a somebody or being a nobody, I am a somebody") becomes one of Teresa's mottos after being humiliated by her classmates for being poor.After her humiliation she swears to bring vengeance to the students who humiliated her, Aida and Paulo.

Luisa discovers this and convinces Arturo to confess his feelings to her.

Time passes and Teresa is accidentally shot by Sainz's wife, which leaves her paralyzed.

She slowly recovers, and Arturo finds out that Teresa and Mariano made love the day before Arturo's marriage with Teresa, and that she only married him for his money.

Genoveva, Paulo's mother also disapproves of Paulo ever seeing Teresa again.

Paulo and Aida, Teresa's jealous classmate, humiliate Teresa, publicly displaying her poverty and her lies, so Teresa decides to take revenge and swears to never be trampled on again.

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Teresa is a beautiful and intelligent young woman, desperately seeking to leave the grinding poverty of the neighborhood where she lives.

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