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The problem from a marketing standpoint is that tires are, to an untrained and disinterested eye, virtually indistinguishable from each other.

In addition, creating a call to action is truly difficult, given the typical two to three year purchase cycle.

I have a 03 6X12 Pace trailer that came with standard st205/75d14 tires and wheels.

I want to replace them with the Karrier ST225/75R15 tire and 15X6 wide wheel package that you carry because of its higher load capacity.

Thus, new product launches are events that generally impact distributors and retailers more directly than consumers.

Given the level of consumer apathy towards tire purchasing, tire manufacturers focus much of their marketing efforts engaging members further up the supply chain.BF Goodrich is also credited with introducing the first tire marketed as "all-season" in the late 1970s.There have also been fads along the way - whitewalls, white raised letters, colored wear indicators, and even flavored smoke for tires intended for burnouts and drifting.Besides wheel rub which shouldnt be a problem any you see other issues?asked by: Louis Your ST205/75d14 Trailer tire is approximately 26.3 inches tall and 7.8 inches wide overall by my calculations (see Measuring a trailer tire link).

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