Updating an action replay

An interactive session (SSH, RDP, et cetera) on the vulnerable system, or port-forwarding to allow direct connectivity to internal services from the attacker's system becomes necessary.

If the organization responsible for the server has done everything else correctly (including blocking tunneling via ICMP/DNS), then there may be no additional network-level connectivity possible in either direction between the attacker and the web application server.

However, taking full advantage of such a system typically requires a network-level connection between the attacker and the web application server.

For example, an internet-facing Linux web application server may have network-level connectivity to an internal Windows domain controller, but appropriate client tools may not function correctly when used via a web shell or similar interface.

In this talk you can watch us analyze data real-time, learn more about our cluster and architecture, and see how we've integrated leading big data technologies to outperform expensive appliances with a fraction of the cost.This tool will be applied to PCAPS and will then mine and display relationships of Micro Behaviors particular to ransomware traffic.Built with Spark notebook https://github.com/andypetrella/spark-notebook we are leveraging Apache Spark ( for scalable data processing and Ml Lib for an anlalytics API (This closes off SSH, RDP, and similar interactive remote access, and prevents the use of port-forwarding agents such as Meterpreter.This presentation provides a solution to this problem - A Black Path Toward The Sun, a tool (released as open source in conjunction with the presentation) which tunnels TCP traffic through the web application server using the server's existing HTTP/HTTPS interface.

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