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The actor is facing up to seven years in jail after being charged with felony battery.

An arrest warrant was issued for Anthony on November 24 for allegedly attacking his neighbor.Being an actor isn’t an easy job as you are regularly followed by media and the public judges your every action.The American actor, Anthony Michael Hall has never ceased to stay in the headlines.After amazing runs by Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Rannells, and Michael C. Looks like they've drifted away from the typical blue nail polish that both Andrew and Neil rocked on the stage and replaced it with red for Michael!Hall, the next electrifying performer to take on the role of Hedwig will be… Hall Will Give You A Standing Ovation In Your Pants As He Takes A Shirtless Bow! The man who literally wrote the book is stepping back into the high heel boots and onto the Broadway stage in the role he originated. Maybe he just really likes the color red after being surrounded by fake blood on Kylie Jenner knew people would be relentless... As you know, the 20-year-old reality star welcomed a baby girl on February 1 -- and now we're getting even more information as to why she kept the whole thing under wraps.

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