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“So I wanted to share all that stuff and I thought, ‘Why don’t I just make a magazine!

’” A self-confessed print freak who has stacks and stacks of paper at home – including bike magazines like independent BMX beauty – Juliet embraced the medium to celebrate the talent she discovered from living life on the road.

It’s just about awesomeness really.” Unfortunately, gender isn’t the only pigeonhole Juliet has had to counteract.

“I think with action sports media, especially female-specific stuff, there’s a tendency to think that all girls are quite young and actually we’re not,” says Juliet, who tackles the problem by simply presenting multiple new narratives.

WHAT IS IN A CONTRACT: The new law requires that home improvement contracts: * Be legible, in writing, and include the registration number of the contractor; * Be signed by the owner and the contractor or a salesperson of the contractor; * Comprise of the entire agreement; * Include the date of the transaction; * Contain contact information of the contractor; * Consist of the total sales price and any down payments; * Include approximate starting date and completion date; * Contain description of the work to be performed, the materials to be used and a set of specifications; * Include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all subcontractors on the project; * State that the contractor agrees to maintain insurance and identifies the current amount of insurance; * Include the toll-free telephone number for the Bureau; * And a notice of the Right of Rescission.

“What you need is something on which your mind is entirely focused, resulting in the exclusion of all other thoughts to the point where time seems to slow or stop,” wrote writer, publisher, cyclist and entrepreneur Juliet Elliott for British non-profit bike bible in 2011.“No, I’m all for girl-specific things because there’s so much stuff for men out there so it’s important that women feel represented too,” says Juliet.“I don’t like all these girls feeling like they have to flaunt their bodies to get coverage but on the other hand, this might sound weird, but there are girls out there who think sport is really unsexy and gross and changing that perception could be a good thing too…“And that’s changing women’s perspectives of themselves as well.Because a lot of people think that these activities aren’t for them and they really are.” But can female-specific content further ghettoise an already marginalised community?

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“I like magazines because they’re time out,” says Juliet, whose own early magazine experiences included being shot by world-famous fashion photographer Steven Meisel for Italian in 1999.

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